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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 4, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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head. chilly day around the bay, all
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as we head into the afternoon it will burn as clear conditions out there. right now we can see the camera is frozen but we have a shot from albany conditions expected to improve as we head into the afternoon. all lot of fog start to burn off this morning. cool star for the day some fog out there. in the afternoon sunny and dry as well. evening will bring is clear, cool conditions. temperatures at the freezing mark in the north bay. for now but 33, fairfield same, 344 livermore, east bay 37
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37 ft. redwood city. your temperature change cooler than this time yesterday. the drop by about 10 degrees in the field and level more to what degree drop through concord and down through san francisco, oakland visibility looks like best week of free of fog at the peninsula, her lover in through my county, 1 01, into petaluma we are dealing with quite a bit of fog. visibility a quarter of a mile through novato. half mile for santa rosa, so problem with visibility through the liver more about it. we of frelive ans today 55 novato, into some francisco 55, 56 richmond, upper 50s in the south bay, a 57
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through oakland, hayward, fremont. you're 7 day around the bay shows us not a raindrop in sight. lots of sunshine for this week in we may see some clouds with sunshine. temperatures expected into the upper 50s low 60s. >> light traffic is what we have this morning at the bay bridge toll plaza the commute unfolding just as it did yesterday. the meter lights are not yet act of. there's a catch back up in the left-hand lanes mostly because these the immediately adjacent to the fast track planes. a lot of callers to punch up on the left-hand side rather than switching to the right side. we tend to see a little biased towards the back up. there is a shift change that takes place that accounts for some of the delay. through san francisco looks good free of hot spots, no problems on freeways. this and
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the central traffic very light as you can see. san mateo also looks good. it is a light and easy ride through hayward on the nimitz freeway. yesterday all day 880 ride was all light for regular work day. we could still be looking at of holiday conditions at least of folks that would otherwise be in school. the committee yesterday very much like the ones we saw last two weeks. >> 6 03 a.m. to developing story a half moon bay a 65 ft. fishing boat the one you see here, ran aground. this happened at 2:00 a.m. is only a few hours ago. we spoke to the coast guard. >> i took a couple people off the vessel, all i know as it ran aground. our biggest concern is that has 2,000 gal. of diesel on
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board, we don't have the means to pull it off the beach with their vehicles. so at this point we have to talk to the owner we don't do selvage. >> and now would of been the best time to pull it out at high tide. the could try at the next high tide or there is risk of the fuel leaking out. >> the day after inauguration jean kwan plans to meet with police as she strengthens the relationship with the police. and she says one of the priorities is creating jobs for the city of oakland. governor jerry brown plans to announce his cabinet choices, he says his wife will play a role. he faces serious problems in sacramento the biggest thing about it. the state is facing deficits for the last several years an estimated $28 billion shortfall through
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june of 2012. >> federal investigators issued seven warnings. the list looks into what caused the blast that killed eight people. and destroyed dozens of homes. they have border pg&e to conduct their records search to find out exactly which pipelines have not been tested, to determine sought a safe operating pressure. those identified should have pressure based on the weakest section of the bite. documents the actual drawings assert the pipeline was seamless. we all know now it was a seam to pipe. i seem to pipe needs to be addressed differently than a seamless pipe. the question really becomes in this whole
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region, how much of the pipeline system that pg&e operates, is indeed seemed and how much of that pipeline has never, ever been inspected. >> and they recommend public utilities commission conducts oversight of the records search and pipeline testing in the natural gas transmission so they can implement corrective measures appeared bent on will be right back to look skies we can see fog showing up along quite tall order. it is a cold morning on the bay the latest coming up.
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6:10 a.m.. one day after
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facebook says it's worth $50 million my space is poised to lay off half of its staff. spurring speculation that it may be going for sale. they are expected to cut 50% of its 1100 employees in mid january the cuts are seen by some observers by a prelude to cuts necessary to restore to profitability. >> watching for the opening bell stock futures poisoning positive this morning after stocks rallied on the first rap day of trading. february orders from the commerce department and the federal reserve releasing their minutes. motorola formal split into two companies is the years long break up of the pioneer. the separation began in 2008 late date by two simple businesses to investors.
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>> seven companies are so in toyota now to cover cost over the crush a spirit damages and $230,000 from 14 crushes threat the united states they were filed in loss angeles superior court. >> coming up the end of an era for nancy pelosi as she began her final days as speaker of the house. as a smaller meters will pg&e is planning to install the controversial meters. it could be the big day for lottery players as the numbers for the seventh largest lottery prize in u.s. history will be drawn tonight. kron 4 continues after this break. cccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc
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we are following this developing story of a whirling new jersey. this complex up in flames this
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is video of the fire from a short time ago. firefighters having a difficult time. they are attacking from the air and the ground. it's a four story complex involved in flames. no injuries reported. calls of the smoke smell was as cars from manhattan. >> alive look at the initial bridge there is of fog advisory there also fog to talk about around the bay it is cold out. >> very cold, the bay bridge approaches free of fog. around the peninsula we are in the clear but north bay the fog really moves and the picture. right now oakland, chile. 39 degrees, the high today of about 57, fax down to the 40's by 8:00 p.m.. current
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temperatures are still in the third is in the north bay, 32 for san rosa, also the delta, 33, napa, and concord, 36 los gatos. you can see the drop in temperatures 12 degree drop in concord, 10 in fairfield, livermore. also looking at dense fog settled in and through the central valley spillover to livermore into the north bay as well. it looks like at this point less of a quarter mile visibility for novato in san rosa as well. the are seeing some improvement through the lamar valley. settler radar shows us a cloud free of cloud cover. that makes for a lot of sunshine out their pleasant conditions for the afternoon. we will stay dry today keeping temperature into the low 50s, 54
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concord, mid-50s through san francisco, upper 50s in the south. you're 7 day around the base lots of sunshine looks couple of days looks like we could bring some clouds into pitcher by the end of the week. we are dry for a good long stretch there. could wake up for some morning valley fog but keeping temperatures in the upper 50s, low fo'60s. >> the dirtiness bridge and the nation bridge are under fog a advisory's. this is the south end of the bridge and the fog is actually having a guest at the north and near the 780 interchange. you see a few cars northbound we are looking at the northbound span. these are the open toll lanes as we have
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at the right side air at the left side here the benicia bridge. interstate 83 albany still a good one here. adjutancy towards the off ramp the lights are on. there are no delays on 80 on the upper or the lorry shore freeway. the bay bridge toll plaza of the westbound ride is a problem free. this is not a meter and light back up it is a cash plane back up. this is exactly how the commute started yesterday and the metering lights were started at 645. >> oakland international airport trying to get more fliers through they are offering free parking for anyone flying to southern california. more details let's go to yoli she is live at oakland international. >> that's right, you'll get
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three days of free parking if you travel between today and february 10th. were talking about tuesday, wednesday, thursday. it's only to certain airports, southern california as a graphic for you to give you list of those airports. the l.a. international, orange county, long beach, if you're going to any of those airports using their free parking at the oakland airport. it is simple just get on their web site you can print out coupons showed to the parking attendant along with free ticket that shows your flight and your destination along with id. they will grant you those three free days of parking. >> anybody trying to drive over the grape vine thinks it's a fabulous idea. they are reopen
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today but we did have hours of back up yesterday, and the day before. demographers family sang all got to watch a boardin. >> the president has a full schedule now the president faces a tough battle health-care reforms over the republicans. >> he is signing a bill that overhauls food safety net that is back in washington. it will give new powers over inspections of food processing plants. it will also allow fda to order recalls up until now all recalls or voluntary. in response to several outbreaks of salomon thof poisons.
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>> 13 companies whose deep water drilling activities were suspended last year might be able to resume drilling without detailed environmental reviews. they will resume work at previously drilled wells as long as they meet new policies and regulations. the decision is a victory for drilling co. they have won waivers from rules >> nancy pelosi will be holding a news conference session marks the end of an error. it is her last day as speaker of the house when it printed been storm republicans will be the majority in the house and john painter will be the speaker. she made history in 2007 when she was the first female speaker after they seized control of congress. >> 6:22 a.m. back with more imminent. a live look at our
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albany camera. traffic moving well and his ability is terrific. we will be right back.
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and the time now 625 v m here and you have another chance to see it the giants' 12 b tour is getting under way this weekend. thunder as city hall today and tomorrow in san francisco so you have it to hour viewing window. its a first-come first-served basis. it will move on to sacramento and then around the nation before ending up back in san francisco for opening day. >> is coming to sonoma at a january 28th. great football game in miami the orange all.
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interim and the cardinal getting it done fourth ranked in the nation and the cardinal run fast. 40-12 in the orange bowl. the first but the wind did 14 years. for the first time since they were unbeaten in 1940 season when they finish no. 2. it comes four years after they hired jim. a big turnaround of the question is will enter come back to the nfl. and. >> things are looking worse for brent to former part-time massage therapist have filed a lawsuit, alleging complaints about sexually said just did text messages from the quarterback cost jobs with the team. this comes a week after
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they find him $50,000 for what it says was his failure to cooperate in an investigation about lewd text messages and codes. that he allegedly sent in 2008. >> we will be back as the news continues. into minutes we'll have the opening bell on wall street.
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just read it all. toxic strain boast trading sessions beginning today. today will be interesting we have corporate news. intel has released its second generation or processor. ahead of the electronic show that is getting under way thursday. also i kick him out and said it will not sell incandescent light bulbs in the united states. that
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change will have been added that kia near you. the dow is up and a nest egg is upper. a positive start for this tuesday. >> we are also attracting the numbers and the temperatures with the weather today. it is chilly out there taking alive blocked on the left-hand side san francisco, the right, i think this san jose. so all clear the air when not the story around the bay. >> if you live in the north bay you have the right and complained about the cold. it is near freezing, and fog in the north bay as well. the peninsula right now is actually clear. as we head into the afternoon lots of sunshine, and staying dry. your current temperatures rid around freezing in san rosa, 33 for now but, concord, much
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cooler them we were yesterday. we're seeing a 10 degree drops in fairfield, livermore, 12 in concord. we are cleared through the east bank. some of the fog is moving into concord, livermore, india. the problems are isolated to the north bay this morning. listen to a quarter mile for novato also in december rose as well. satellite and radar shows are free of cloud cover, light winds made for some fog this morning the this afternoon it will make or pleasant conditions. temperatures warming up bin to the '50s. mid-50s in san francisco, richmond, vallejo, concord. as we head to the peninsula temperatures warming up bin to the upper 50s 57 ride with city, 58 for san jose, and
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out of view. but also sun shine through the board week, into the weekend few clouds but overall a dry forecast. lots of afternoon sunshine. >> we have been getting reports of black eyes in the north bay. the first one came in at 5:00 a.m. it was east of napa, south of the country club. our next report caveman west of calloused olga. this is where a black as was reported as well as here by the country clubs out of there. but we did have similar problems last week. we haven't seen any additional reports so far this morning. we do want to take you to show you the right across the dirtiness, the nation's bridges
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were fog its advisers have been in place for both ride across from solano county. cooling gate bridge ride, 1 01 pretty light as you can see no problems here. san francisco next and then i will take you back to the golden gate bridge. your city look word traffic is light, no back up, problems, delays. but back to the bay bridge we do see more of a back up here. the meter and lights are on, this could be the backup the we have seen in two weeks for the bay bridge ride. yesterday even when they were active there was no backup. this could be the first day we see something of return to normal. >> developing story were following out of half moon bay. a fishing boat has run aground near the state speech.
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>> behind me here you can see the decision about their ran aground three people were rescued by the coast guard. it is hard to see but the boat is rocking in the surface as the waves pounded. >> we can pull the vessel off the beach, so at this point we have to talk the honor. we don't do selvage. >> was salvaged operators that they would love to dent the bowed out. unfortunately the owners deal with insurance and does want the boat touched. it will have to wait until late afternoon when the tide comes back again. in half and a kron 4 news. >> on to the latest developments in the san bruno gas line explosion investigators from the national transportation safety board still on all the cause of the blast. they did go after pg&e and the agency responsible for making sure the company
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makes updated records. >> four months after the blast and there are still signs telling drivers that this road just up the hill from the explosion, is still close to people who don't live here. pg&e need to hold them the pipeline that ruptured had no seams. instead it had many seams. and it may not have been a strong. they did not say if pg&e misled investigators but urged the agency to undertake at and tens of record search. they urge california regulators to make sure pg&e follows the rules. the explosion killed a people and destroyed 38 palms, adjutancy disrupted many lives. will tran kron 4 news. >> san francisco will see more smart meters, the regulatory
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board rejected a petition to stop the installation of those meters. a moratorium was in place because of the commuters accuracy as well as radio waves those meters give off. san francisco was joined by seven cruisers in the stopping and the installation of the meters. >> more top parking tickets issued this is coming from the transit agency. mini budget of $100 million in parking ticket revenue for this fiscal year. it's police have not written in the citations to bring an end. meet many said it will increase tickets to make up the difference. they are trying to fill a budget shortfall. a new budget plan will be presented today. >> we will be right back as the news continues. today's back to
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now get up to $300 back in promotion cards. single live look at san jose. you have more company traffic northbound on the right-hand side, until it's getting crowded on 1 01. in mountain view it is 39 degrees, looking for 55 by noon, the height will be 58. >> microsoft saying they served s problem causing of mail users to lose e-mail's. they reported e-mail's were disappearing. microsoft said it identified the problem and restore the deleted e-mail's, some people are still missing messages. how mail is the most use a web based e-mail client in the world.
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>> ipad is getting strong competition as a consumer electronics manufacturers on bail under tablets with right facing cameras and video chat. they're making a bigger push at consumer electronics show in las vegas. they say that 100 different tablet models not all likud to shops. >> the new ship in disney's crew lines has arrived. dream, it is 130,000 t, room 4000 passengers, it is a first of two cruise ships they are building. the big attraction is the act would deck. all water slide extents over the side of the ship. it has interior cabins with portholes that has real-
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time news of the sea. >> we will be back with more of a couple of minutes. van ness ave some clouds but mostly sunny clear skies. we will be right back..
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6:45 a.m. focusing on the weather because it is chilly, foggy around the bay. depending on where you are. jackie sizzle as at the benicia bridge. there is an advisory for drivers. jackie what have you seen with the wall? >> you see it on the north side of purging 780, it is patchy fog around the bay area. i drove in from marin and 37 isaak in nine days like today. but it really was not too bad. the closer you got to the race track very thick fog. when you get to now
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martinez area you hit fog here, there. it will hit them through the commute. a martinez bridge you have of fog advisory. once you get mid span you will see it. >> if fog is not in your neighborhood it is chilly there. >> not everybody has fog, everybody is dealing with cold. in many locations in the third is this morning, cooler spots san rosa, 32 degrees. we have been there for fast full of flowers. by noon time into the 50s, your eye to a 56. santa rosa is not the only one at the freezing mark. napa, fairfield at 32, 33 for concord, livermore. we are cooler than where we were 24 hours ago.
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everybody seeing drops. 13 degrees in concord, her 12th in 3 livermore. significantly cooler than yesterday. this is where visibility will drop off 1 01, through petaluma, san rosa as well. dense fog through the central valley. some of it going into the livermore valley, concord, antioch. lessing quarter of a mile in novato, san rosa, we are free of cloud cover so as we head toward the afternoon of fog will burn off. it will make for a nice sunny day out there. it's not the only day. string of dry hadays ahead of us. 56 santa rosa, east bay 57, oakland, hayward, 58 in mountain view and san jose. 7
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day around the bay shows lots of sunshine as we head into the rest of the work week, some cloud cover by the end of the way, lots of sunshine as well. some morning valley fog continuing through the work week. let's get a check on your commute with george. >> for the first time in two weeks we are looking at a backup for the west bound ride. i don't think volume is up i think it's the meter and light back up. they were activated at 6:30 a.m., as opposed to 648 yesterday. there is an incident near the parking lot of the building an accident on the right hand side. this is not going to affect bridge traffic because it's before the toll plaza. it was an accident may be something more like any medical emergency, there has not been
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any movement of the vehicles and the are awaiting an ambulance. the north bay we have had a couple of things, her black eyes, last week we had multiple accidents and reports. so far this morning to incidents one east of napa, and west of callous know that. in acrobat it was at atlas peak. there was one chp report out black ice. not as widespread or as troublesome as last week. i don't think we haven't in the sequence but i wanted to say we have fog advisory's for the benicia, heartiness bridges. so that is the whether impact on traffic this morning. south bay it is a quiet ride for 1 01 in the
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northbound direction. no back up but the guadalupe parkway, we are likely to see heavier traffic on a number of freeways this morning. heavier at least from yesterday. >> developing story of body was found in this car port. this 600 block of s st. of 5:30 p.m. the victim has not been identified, no word on foul play, a corner was called to the scene. >> a hayward woman has been identified now 39 year-old gwendolyn was shot after leading police on a car chase. passengers were arrested on suspicion of possession of a stolen car and property. the woman had a criminal history. the county district attorney is
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investigating the shooting. >> the market is the industries were positive until couple of seconds ago. they dipped negative, positive, negative. today might be a flat day. s&p down, nasdaq's up a point. net flicks a button is coming to remote near you. many blue ray tv and set top has a big red net slicks' button on the remotes. if you're looking for tech job macy's is hiring 700 new employees over two years. to expand websites. where are these jobs? new york, san francisco. they need to expend their web sites if union shop give that a look. >> michael jackson's former
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doctor back in court today. he is charged with involuntary manslaughter. he is accused of giving too much propofol up powerful senate of the approved a plan to allow them to test residue from syringes and an ivy drips from the jackson's home. murray's lawyer says the doctor did give jackson propofol but a smaller amount than the corner found. >> alive look at albany and the conditions on 80 westbound the taillights everybody is moving at the limit. visibility is good there as well. we will be right back.
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deerfield lucky could be it big day including here in california. we have a chance to win $330 million. that is the
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seventh largest lottery prize in u.s. history. mega millions for tonight's drawing was pushed up because of ticket sales. if you were to win and you didn't want the annual payments. $208 million. 6:56 a.m. we will be back in a couple of minutes as we look for the sunshine. strip of blue above the clouds in san francisco. we will be right back.
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7:00 a.m. top stories this 65 ft. fishing all serious environmental concerns. >> a day after her her eighth


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